Traveling To Mexico? Buy The Insurance

Why is it a mistake to drive in Mexico without purchasing special Mexico auto insurance? I’m not talking about New Mexico auto insurance, just to be clear.

Assuming that you don’t possess Mexican liability coverage, you may possibly be stopped from vacating the country even though you require life-saving treatment. Moreover, you are almost sure to waste some time in jail if you are found driving a vehicle without it.

One young man who was caught without coverage was kept at the Mexican police station. His rig which a bus ran into while parked on the side of the road was impounded. Both he and his vehicle were not set free until friends could make agreements to shell out $$2,000 for the damage to the bus. The damages to the young man’s vehicle will never be regained.

Here is how it started. ┬áThe young man had only been walking for just around a short time after his vehicle had broken down when he turned to see a Mexican coach bus scraping along the side of his new auto. The bus quickly halted. Undoubtedly, there was considerable damage done to both of these vehicles. The cops were contacted. Then the law enforcement requested the young man’s insurance coverage, and he failed to have any. It was determined that it was actually the man’s wrongdoing since he was positioned too close to the highway.

The expense for 3 days of Mexican Liability Insurance is about $30.00. The expenditure for 3 days of Mexican Full Coverage Insurance for a normal automobile is about $40.00. That is why it is best to get insurance before you operate a motor vehicle in Mexico.

When it comes down to driving a car in Mexico, your U.S. automotive insurance policy coverage isn’t going to be recognized by Mexican authorities.

While various U.S. vehicle insurance could provide a level of physical damage and theft coverage for your motor vehicle if you are within 10-50 miles of the Mexico border, you really should check with your U.S. insurance carrier to be sure. Always remember that no U.S. auto insurance can give liability insurance coverage that Mexican laws will see. Due to this at the bare minimum, you need to always pay for Mexican liability coverage, and it is usually a savvy plan to buy collision and comprehensive coverage to insure your automobile too. Mexican insurance is really cost-effective, so it is financially reckless to operating a vehicle in Mexico without this specialized policy.

Over the years, there have been several occurrences that have been notably worse involving car accidents and casualties. Although almost every vehicle accident is a tragedy, the situation is substantially more unfortunate and damaging when the automobiles involved are simply not insured with a Mexico auto insurance policy.